Our services area

WBR offers full services in wide range of pharmaceutical R&D area from basic discovery to pre-clinical research. Our experienced researchers from all areas of pharmaceutical industry can help you to meet your research challenges and deadlines. Other than our in-house PhD level scientists we also have a wide network of specialty consultants in pharmacology, toxicology, regulatory affairs to meet all aspects of your demands. We assisted many companies in small molecule design and manufacturing, biosimilars material production, assay development, animal model development and clinical study assistance. We work closely with our clients on site or at our facilities in California. Our integrated research approaches makes us a very unique service provider. We have one single dedicated scientist as your study project leader to ensure seamless communication between your team and us.

A few past research solutions we accomplished In research area – to produce biosimilars study material for research, to design, source and validate small molecules materials. In development area – to evaluate toxicology profile with Luminex assay platform In pre-clinical area - to develop an in vivo compound screening and evaluation platform with Zebrafish, to establish ophthalmology models in rodents and rabbits, to evaluate drug efficacy with ERG models, to screen natural occurring disease in non-human primates (NHP) In clinical area – to produce sample collection and sampling kits conforming to GLP/GCP standards for clinical studies.

Cell line development

We make customized stable cell line in Jurkat, HEK293, CHO-K1 with different reporter system specified by our clients. The development time of stable cell line varies from weeks to months depending on the cell and gene type. We fully validate all our cell lines with Western, FACS and functional assay.

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In vivo compound screening

Zebrafish, a model vertebrate organism, offers possibility of phenotype based large-scale drug screening. It has the ease of near high throughput screening capability and the relative complexity of animal studies. We used Zebrafish in target validation, lead discovery, drug screening, pharmacology and toxicology studies.

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Clinical support

WBR produces customized sample collection and sampling kits conforming to GLP/GCP standards for clinical studies. We also offering GMP, GLP and GCP training for your specific projects please contact us for details.

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Animal models

WBR developed various in-house ophthalmology models in rodents and rabbits including Corneal neovascularization, Laser-induced Choroidal Neovascularization (CNV), Blue light damage models. Oxygen induced retinopathy, Uveitis etc. we also have extensive experience in evaluate drug efficacy with ERG models.

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Recombinant proteins and antibodies

Many of our customers come to us for their needs in large quantity of antigen production, benchmark therapeutic biosimilars (antibodies). We can produce all proteins in insect cells, E.coli, CHO or HEK293 system.

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Luminex assay platform

We use Luminex xMAP technology to quickly analyze multiple analytes from the same sample. This technology can enable multiplexing up to 500 analytes per assay sample. We have offered solutions to pharmaceutical research, medical device implants and dental science. Our new xTAG platform now also enable researchers to quickly detect nucleic acids with very samll sample size.

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