Cell line development

We make customized stable cell line in Jurkat, HEK293, CHO-K1 with different reporter system specified by our clients.

The development time of stable cell line varies from weeks to months depending on the cell and gene type. We fully validate all our cell lines with Western, FACS and functional assay.

Flow Cytometry service

We also offer flexible Flow Cytometry servicing contract if you are working on your own cell line development or other cell based assay. If you are in Southern California region, we can pick up your samples on site. If you are in other regions, just ship your samples to us. using powerful NovoCyte we can offer 3 laser , 15 parameter detection with enhanced sensitivity, resolution and full analysis report

Bulk luciferase assay system

If you are using your own cell lines with Luciferase reporter system, we can low your cost by using our bulk volume One Step Luciferase assay buffer either with Single Luciferase or Dual Luciferase.

Luciferase is the general term given to a class of oxidative enzymes that catalyze reactions that give off light, a process known as bioluminescence (Fig. 1). In biology, researchers can take advantage of this reaction and use it as a readout for various biological processes. This has perhaps been exploited most in luciferase reporter cell lines where a promoter region from a gene of interest is placed immediately upstream of the coding sequence for luciferase. In this system, transcriptional activation of the gene of interest leads to a level of luciferase expression that is proportional to the level of gene activation. The level of activation is then assessed by lysing the cells and adding the luciferase substrate, D-luciferin. Using the One-Step Luciferase Assay System from BPS Bioscience, this is accomplished in a single step as the lysis buffer has been formulated with D-luciferin. After a brief incubation period, bioluminescence is read on a luminometer.

The One-Step Luciferase Assay System is designed to be used for high-throughput, sensitive quantitation of firefly luciferase activity in mammalian cell culture. The reagent consists of two components, a Luciferase Reagent Buffer (Component A) and Luciferase Reagent Substrate (Component B). Component A and Component B are combined to form a working solution that contains all the necessary components for cell lysis and luciferase quantitation. This assay system has several features: • Sensitive – highly sensitive detection of firefly luciferase activity. • Stable – the signal output is stable for more than two hours, providing flexibility with regard to incubation time • Convenient – simple one-step, homogeneous protocol. • High-throughput – one-step homogeneous protocol minimizes handling steps to support high-throughput screening applications • Compatibility – works well with a variety of common media containing 0-10% serum and phenol red. • Instrumentation – does not require a luminometer with injectors.

Ready made cell lines

For ready made stable cell lines please visit our www.WestBioscience.com site for details.