Building blocks

We offer thousands of building blocks for medicinal chemists in pharmaceutical industry. Here are some categories. For full list please visit . Pyrimidine| Pyrazine | Pyridazine | Triazine | Pyridine | Quinoline | Quinazoline | Quinoxaline | Phthalazine | Pyrrole | Furan | Thiophene | Pyrazole | Oxazole | Thiazole | Imidazole | Indole | Benzothiophene | Benzofuran | Benzimidazole | Benzothiazole | Indazole | Pyrrolopiperazine | Pyrrolopyrazine | Pyrrolopyrazole | Pyrrolopyridazine | Pyrrolopyridine | Pyrrolopyrimidine | Pyrrolotriazine | Oxetanes | Azetidines | Azaspiro Compounds | Azabicyclo Compounds | Boronic Acids and Esters |

Bulk APIs

We offer bulk APIs from grams to kilograms at competitive pricing. We do in-house QC for all bulk APIs we supply

Customer synthesis

We are dedicated to supplying academia, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies with the synthesis of novel organic compounds, process development, and manufacturing of high purity pharmaceutical and fine chemicals in milligram to process scale batches with on-time delivery. Our team of chemists have in-depth knowledge and experience in multi-step, complex organic syntheses. Our staff and chemists will quickly respond to your custom synthesis inquiries with pricings tailored to your budget and preferred lead times.